Day Two: Through The Looking Glass Installation

August 4, 2010 at 9:14 pm (Art Unravelled)

I arrived yesterday to Artspace to find Emily Cash Wilmoth putting ink to The “Fat” Hatter. Day two of the installation was packed with hanging the frames for the jewelry, installing the “checkerboard” floor, cutting, adhering Susan Parrish’s mixed media tea cups to the staircase, and mounting Emily’s prints to the walls. What a difference a day makes.

Day One The "Fat" Hatter

Day Two The "Fat" Hatter

Susan Parrish's Tea Cups

Jewelry Frames and the Checkerboard Floor

Some kids from theYMCA came to Artspace for a tour. Emily and I spoke to them and answered their questions.

Question: Were you inspired by the movie?

Lauren: My answer is no. We started planning this exhibition in January, a couple of months befor the movie was released. Personally, I didn’t like the movie, so I was not inspired by the movie whatsoever. Most of Emily’s initial drawnigs were completed before the movie ever came out.

Question: How many Sharpies have you used?

Emily: As of today, about 40.

Question: Why do you draw directly on the wall?

Emily: Why not.

Lauren: In most cases, art is inaccessible… it’s behind a glass, in a museum, in a frame. Here, you are standing in the drawing and becoming a part of it.

Question: Are those Krispy Kreme Doughnuts?

Emily: No. They are Dunkin Doughnuts.

By Day Three, the installation will be complete. Read tomorrow’s post to see finished pictures, or better yet, come to First Friday and see for yourself.

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