Debriefing: Through the Looking Glass

August 20, 2010 at 2:59 pm (Artist Musings)

Through the Looking Glass is now finishing its second week at Artspace, and if you haven’t seen the show already, you have a week left. On Saturday, August 21st, Artspace is having its Family Fun Day to celebrate the end of The Summer Arts Program. This summer, Artspace offered about 50 classes to over 500 students. Come celebrate  in a carnival-like atmosphere and check out the Through the Looking Glass exhibition at the same time.

During the opening of any exhibition, I feel like I am standing naked in the middle of Times Square. You pour your heart and soul into these pieces for months and then it’s finished and out there for the public to consume. The night Through the Looking Glass opened, First Friday, I was able to stand in the lobby, like a “fly on the wall” (I even wore black and white to blend in) and see  the reaction and hear the comments, and fortunately, the response was favorable.  Although our lobby exhibition wasn’t eligible to win Artspace’s monthly “People’s Choice Award”, many people did vote for Through the Looking Glass.

After the opening reception, many other artists who I have come to like and respect came to see the show. Artist Lisa Stroud called the exhibition “creative” and “inspiring”.

“When I walked into the Artspace lobby Friday afternoon, I could almost hear the incessant chatter of Tweedledum and Tweedledee!”, she said. “Your exhibit was just that fully realized. What a wonderful exhibit by you great artists.”

 Another well-respected and fabulous artist, Gerry Lynch called the show “exciting” and “powerful”.

So, what happens after an opening? One artist asked me if I was in a post-show slump. Although that could happen, especially after a very long installation week leading up to the opening, I had to get back to work. I shipped Arhaus an order of ROMA earrings and a luggage label bracelet, made another bracelet for a commission client, and now I’m getting ready for Cary’s Lazy Daze Arts Festival next weekend. No rest for the weary here.

So, until next week…


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Through the Looking Glass: Installation Video

August 9, 2010 at 1:08 am (Artist Musings)

First, I want to send a special thanks to all of the people who came last Friday night to see the Through the Looking Glass exhibition at Artspace. If you didn’t make it Friday night, the show runs through August 28th at Artspace. The building is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. I want to send out a special thanks to Jim Millay who filmed the entire installation (and even helped install the show). Amazingly enough, even though Jim spent three days filming last week, he put together a video loop of the installation for First Friday that is currently running in the lobby of Artspace. Here is the video of the installation. Later this week, I will post more video footage and finished photographs.

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Day Three of Through the Looking Glass Installation: The Finishing Touches

August 5, 2010 at 9:18 pm (Art Unravelled)

Day three of the installation is behind us. Emily put the final details on the drawings, drew frames around her prints and the jewelry panels, while Nick (Emily’s very talented husband) and I finished edging the floor with black duct tape and cutting out vinyl pieces to go on the bottom of the jewelry cases.

Emily drawing a frame around The Queen of Hearts print.

Nick cutting out branches.

Emily drawing an ink blob for the jewelry case.

 A friend of mine on Facebook asked to see some pictures of the jewelry. Here are some images from the “finished” exhibition.

Table of Contents Tile Bracelet

A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky Brooch

Cheshire Cat Neckpiece

Alice Talisman

Susan Parrish Teapot

Finished "Fat" Hatter

The Mad Tea Party

“Through the Looking Glass” opens August 6th during the First Friday Gallery Walk from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and runs through August 28th at Artspace in Downtown Raleigh’s City Market.

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Day Two: Through The Looking Glass Installation

August 4, 2010 at 9:14 pm (Art Unravelled)

I arrived yesterday to Artspace to find Emily Cash Wilmoth putting ink to The “Fat” Hatter. Day two of the installation was packed with hanging the frames for the jewelry, installing the “checkerboard” floor, cutting, adhering Susan Parrish’s mixed media tea cups to the staircase, and mounting Emily’s prints to the walls. What a difference a day makes.

Day One The "Fat" Hatter

Day Two The "Fat" Hatter

Susan Parrish's Tea Cups

Jewelry Frames and the Checkerboard Floor

Some kids from theYMCA came to Artspace for a tour. Emily and I spoke to them and answered their questions.

Question: Were you inspired by the movie?

Lauren: My answer is no. We started planning this exhibition in January, a couple of months befor the movie was released. Personally, I didn’t like the movie, so I was not inspired by the movie whatsoever. Most of Emily’s initial drawnigs were completed before the movie ever came out.

Question: How many Sharpies have you used?

Emily: As of today, about 40.

Question: Why do you draw directly on the wall?

Emily: Why not.

Lauren: In most cases, art is inaccessible… it’s behind a glass, in a museum, in a frame. Here, you are standing in the drawing and becoming a part of it.

Question: Are those Krispy Kreme Doughnuts?

Emily: No. They are Dunkin Doughnuts.

By Day Three, the installation will be complete. Read tomorrow’s post to see finished pictures, or better yet, come to First Friday and see for yourself.

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Art Unravelled: Through the Looking Glass Exhibition Begins

August 3, 2010 at 9:45 pm (Art Unravelled)

First of all, I am sorry for not posting last week, but I was putting the final touches on the Through the Looking Glass  series of pieces. The three-person Through the Looking Glass show opens this Friday in the Lobby of Artspace during the First Friday Gallery Walk. This week, I am going to post  a daily blog showing the installation progress. My friend, photographer Jim Millay is making a film about this installation, which I hope will be running in the Artspace lobby during the run of the show.

Last night, Emily Cash Wilmoth, Susan Parrish, and I met in the lobby of Artspace to begin installing the show. Emily brought with her three apprentices, students of hers from the Art Institute. Special thanks to Ivan, Chris, and Swift for helping us get a jump start on the installation.

Day one installation included painting checkerboard pattern onto the vinyl pieces that will on the floor of the lobby, hanging Emily’s large scale Cheshire Cat drawing, pencil drawing the Mad Hatter drawing on one of the lobby walls, and hanging Emily’s Alice drawing.  More pictures tomorrow on Day Two of the installation.

Ivan painting checkerboard pattern onto the floor pieces.

Hanging the Cheshire Cat Drawing.

Mad Hatter "Pencil" drawing on the wall.

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