From Studio 109A: Alice, Artpace, August

May 10, 2010 at 1:34 am (From Studio 109A)

Through the Looking Glass Brooch

I have spent the last month working on pieces for my Through the Looking Glass series in Studio 109A. I am inspired by Sir John Tenniel’s illustrations and challenged by how to make paper jewelry durable and sustainable. At the same time, much like my Beyond Neverland series, I am energized by Lewis Carroll’s characters, inspiration, and pure genius.

But, as I wrote in a post called Makings of an Exhibition (January 24, 2010), I am not falling down this rabbit hole alone. Fellow Artspace artists Susan Parrish and Emily Cash Wilmoth are on this journey with me. Susan has been busily making tea cups and working on an oversized teapot for the exhibition and Emily has been feverishly drawing the pictures which will eventually infuse the Artspace lobby walls.

Susan Parrish, Teapot (work in progress)

Emily Cash Wilmoth, Mad Tea Party

Emily Cash Wilmoth, Cheshire Cat

The biggest challenge over the last month has been The Cheshire Cat neckpiece, which will ultimately be displayed on the same wall as Emily’s Cheshire Cat drawing (above). I envisioned a one piece neckpiece in which the cat’s tail wrapped around the neck like a snake. I spent the last few weeks of April making an armature for the structure of the cat’s tail and covering it with polymer clay canes. The end result, which is in its finishing stage and will be on display at Artsplosure in Downtown Raleigh next weekend, turned out better than I initially imagined it would.

In any case, if you come to Artspace over the next month or so, be sure to stop by Studio 109A to check out the new work, and also be sure to stop by Susan Parrish’s Studio 103. You might even want to bring Susan a found object. You never know where it might end up.

Alice in Wonderland Brooch

The Through the Looking Glass exhibition will be on display at Artspace in August 2010.

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