From Studio 109A: New Works

November 1, 2009 at 3:38 am (From Studio 109A)

It’s the week of First Friday and Artspace and Studio 109A will be open November 6th from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. This month, I am excited to show you several new pieces from Studio 109A.

Trapeze Artist Pendant

Trapeze Artist Pendant; background art by Artspace Studio Artist Pat Scull

Last month I started experimenting with color image transfers on different color clays. This month, I wanted to make affordable focal point pieces that incorporate image transfers, color, and found objects. I started with three packages of watch parts from hands to cogs. The Trapeze Artist pendant features a French circus poster image transfer on green-gold clay with a black, gold, and white clay “cane” bezel.  A cane, “is a term borrowed from glassworking referring to glass rods, either plain or with a pattern running through them, to be used as an addition to glass pieces.” [Nan Roche, The New Clay] Canes are, “a technique, originally adapted from glass, where a design is constructed using long rods of clay so that the design runs lengthwise through the log or block. ” [] While many polymer clay artists start out making canes, I did not. It wasn’t until this past March, during a class with Dan Cormier, that I began to see the benefit of incorporating canes into my polymer clay designs. All of the focal point pieces I made this month incorporate canes.

Glamour Girl Brooch

Glamour Girl Brooch

The Glamour Girl Brooch was inspired by a fruit crate label (transferred to the piece). These watch parts reminded me of the vintage flash attachments of the Kodak Duaflex III  camera from the 1950’s and stir up visions of movie stars and pin up girls. 

Eye Chart Pendant

And the watch hands and gears weren’t my only inspiration. The Eye chart pendant incorporates an inverted watch crystal.

Houdini Pendant

In 2005, I acquired this Houdini poster. Originally, I used this image on a tile bracelet, which sold at The North Carolina Craft Gallery. This month, I reinvented this image with pen nibs and a padlock spring lock clasp.

Heart Script Pendant; background art by Pat Scull

Remember those flea market finds from my April 13th post? The Heart Script Pendant incorporates one of those flea market finds.
Air France Brooch

Air France Brooch

 Special thanks again to Artspace Artist Pat Scull (Studio 108) for letting me use her work in these photographs and to Artspace Artist Sharron Parker for letting me photograph in Studio 217. All of these pieces are available for purchase and can be seen this Friday in Artspace Studio 109A during the First Friday Gallery Walk or anytime by appointment. See you soon!


  1. ~joanna said,

    Beautiful work, Lauren.



  2. Marilyn Jones said,

    found objects just seem to fall into the right hands


  3. Moushka said,

    I love your way of combining clay, ephemera, found objects and words. Your art is full of life and energy; your blog and your catalog are both very inspiring.


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