From Studio 109A: In Living Color

October 7, 2009 at 3:11 am (From Studio 109A)

For those of you who are familiar with my work, you know that I work in ecru, white, and sometimes gray. The truth is that most color image transfers look best on neutral color clay. I use the Premo brand of polymer clay in my work, and although my color palette is limited to three or four colors, the Premo clay comes in thirty-three colors and can be mixed (like paint) to create custom colors.

So last month, I started to experiment with color image transfers on different colors of clay. Inspired by the Pantone Color FPA060349orecast for Fall 2009, I started by creating custom colors by blending gold polymer clay with fuschia, violet, and green clay.

Next, I started transferring the images to the colored clay (with mixed results), forming the clay into beads and cabochons, sanding (also with mixed results) and buffing. I then strung the finished beads onto an asymetrical necklace (also a trend for fall/winter 2009). Someone asked me today how I get the beads so uniform in shape and size. I had to chuckle because the handful of beads that made it onto the necklace only represent a fraction of the number of beads I made and discarded.

For now, I will continue playing with color, canes, and found objects and who knows what you may find next month in Studio 109A.

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