The Bain Project

May 19, 2009 at 2:05 am (Art Unravelled)

Last weekend my family and I had the pleasure to step back in time. For the last two weekends, the Ernest Bain Waterworks Plant was re-opened. Originally built in 1939 in true Art Deco style, the plant closed in 1987. After twently years of neglect, 12-artists, including Marty Baird, Luke Buchanan, Jen Coon, Tim Kiernan, Stacey L. Kirby, Lee Moore, Lia Newman, Sarah Powers and Dana Raymond, “cleaned out, dug up and revamped areas of the Bain plant to convert it into an installation art exhibit, using the whole location as one big found object.”
An electrical engineer, my husband’s favorite part of the exhibit was the power distribution and the controls. My favorite part was the filter gallery and the hidden rooms up the winding stairs that housed much of the installation. In some of the rooms it was hard to tell what was art and what was the result of age and neglect.

My only critique of The Bain Project is that it only lasted two weekends. We were there on the last day, along with hundreds of people and I felt like the word was just getting out. Apparently there are plans to renovate the building and turn it into shops and restaurants. For at least a weekend though we had a glimpse into the past.

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  1. JJ said,

    Beautiful pictures! So glad you posted these.


  2. Paul & Clare said,

    Wow… what a cool project. I HATE that I didn't know about this!! Thanks for taking those pictures… maybe I'll have to experience it by getting you to relive it for me! šŸ™‚


  3. Paul & Clare said,

    Oh, wow… I just HATE that I did't know about this!! I would have loved to see that. What a cool concept… Thanks for posting the pictures, they're great! I suppose I will just have to experience it by having you relive it for me! šŸ™‚ Coffee again, soon?


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